When it builds a new construction one of the aspects on which it makes more attention is without doubts the plants realization (whatever they are), that have to respect very ironclad rules and to follow the regulations in force, so that to assure maximum efficiency and especially the safety of those who will live in the building. Even when it buys or it rents a property it is very important that the plants are according to law avoiding unpleasant incidents.

PATTI SANTINO company works in civil and industrial field, making available to its customers, big and small, all the ability of a highly qualified staff with regard to the electrical, plumbing, heating and air-conditioning systems.

Here some of the company services.

PATTI SANTINO company, in Palermo and in the whole Madonie territory, offers a qualified and professional intervention to repair electrical breakdowns. 24-7 service.

Private, owners, offices, public operators can rely on timely, qualified and above all economic service of electrical breakdowns repair: short circuit, malfunctions of the system, electrical sockets, cases, RCD, electric meters, systems grounded, etc.

PATTI SANTINO company is specialized in antennas, satellite dishes installation and TV repairs. Repairs of all televisions and equipments brands also at home, 24-7 service.

One of the most complex interventions when it is restructured a house, an office or business is the replacement and the making according to law of electrical installations. It is important that each connection is made to perfection so that to ensure safety and maximum functionality to the environment.

PATTI SANTINO company is one of the best companies of restructurings that is concerned with electrical remaking in Gangi and in province and it offers its customers a complete service of “turnkey” .

The company deals with the demolition of the old plants, the transport of the waste materials, giving back at the end of the works a renovated and perfectly habitable environment.

For the safety and security of a house, office or business it is necessary to install an efficient fire-fighting equipment. It is good to do it relying on the leader in prevention sector as PATTI SANTINO company, specialized in fires control systems. The company will install the latest generation equipment to locate the gas leakage or the fire detection, and it will periodically check its working, to ensure installations always ready to use.

The RCD or RCBO (Residual-current Circuit Breaker with Over-current protection), called also “safety switch” is a device that allows to interrupt the flow of electrical energy inside a domestic installation if an energy leakage is detected, that is a difference between the input and the output energy from the RCD. Interrupting the energy flow is of basic importance to safeguard the integrity of the system, of the appliances connected to it and sometimes “to save the life” to people.

PATTI SANTINO company deals with RCD installation for several years, experience that has made it the point of reference for all customers who wish to increase the level of security of their environments.

PATTI SANTINO company is also specialized in the installation and repair sector of automations for sliding gate and/or gates with two doors.

Thanks to the technical and commercial staff, the company follows the evolutions of the technologies applied in the fields of automatic plants.

Conscious of wanting to be more and more present and efficient in this integrant role, it offers greater trade competitiveness in the installation and repair of automation with a constant technical-commercial updating.

The technological advancement of the last decades has led the convergence of sectors such as building engineering, information technology, telecommunications, automation, electronics and electrical engineering.

The home automation system allows to manage the home in intelligent way through the automation among all main functions (air-conditioning, lighting, blinds movement/curtains, etc.) promoting a conscious use of energy and so a significant electricity, gas and water saving.

PATTI SANTINO company, thanks to its experience in this field allows to choose more suitable solution to every need.

With the economic and energy crisis that affects our country for years, now it is essential to devise solutions to allow saving on electricity bill.

Photovoltaic technology, for homes or businesses, can certainly help to save in the course of the years and it is a sure investment that in the time it will repay the total cost of realization. So the energy saving can be achieved through a good electrical photovoltaic system, which combines the advantages of the new eco-sustainable technologies with a guaranteed return.

PATTI SANTINO company is specialized in the design and realization of new photovoltaic electrical systems for private homes, offices and businesses.

Among the main activities of PATTI SANTINO, the design and the realization of network and information equipment, has, in the last years, got a significant development, with solutions totally personalized, that can satisfy any demand of companies and individuals data transmission.

The company is equipped with a huge range of equipment necessary to carry out specific tests on the systems and the certification of network. Ask to PATTI SANTINO for the realization of all kinds of wired and wireless network, both private and business use.

Among the services provided by the specialized staff of the company, sharing and optimizing the informatics resources: design and realization of local LAN and geographic WAN networks, design and configuration of wireless networks, installation and configuration of network appliances (routers, switches, firewalls , etc.).

PATTI SANTINO company offers customers also consulting services and qualified support: its staff is also able to intervene timely to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of created network installations.

The installation of electronic security systems is an indispensable exigency. To protect own home, own business and especially own safety, it is a necessity.

To achieve these objectives PATTI SANTINO proceeds to a careful analysis to identify the critical points of the target to protect, to consider the risks and to meet the needs of customers, so that to realize a system timely in the intervention, constant in the performances and of easy use. The qualified staff, thanks to the acquired experience, the continuous updating courses and using of new equipments, it designs and realizes calibrated security systems for each individual user.

The company is able to offer solutions for internal, external, perimetric and volumetric protection, also wireless.

A correct air conditioning can be determinant for the personal well-being, both in the domestic place and in the work place. In fact, in addition to permit the regulation of the temperature during the change of seasons, the air conditioning also represents the ideal instrument to improve the quality of indoor air.

To choose the most adapted system is the key to optimize performances and comfort.

Reliability, correct treatment of air, silence, energy saving and aesthetic agreeableness, are the factors that PATTI SANTINO company considers to recommend the most appropriate air conditioning unit, chosen among the best that there are today in the market: Toshiba, Daikin and LG.

The company will evaluate the best appropriate product to the needs of customers in relation to own environments and after the installation, the company will be at customers disposal for each eventuality.

To underline, finally, as also this year they are foreseen tax deductions of 36% or 55% for the replacement of air conditioning systems with the aim of saving energy.


Call on (+39) 334.1039315

How many times there is often the exigency, both at home and at work, of an urgent and timely intervention by a professional expert that can solve a problem with little expenditure of time and money.

PATTI SANTINO company specializes also in this, in urgent emergency intervention, 24-7 service.

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