20 Jun 2015

About us


PATTI SANTINO is a young and dynamic company, specialized in design, realization and restructure of electrical, plumbing, heating plants and air conditioning with the “turnkey” form.

In fact each work is managed in every its stage, until the completion, by highly qualified staff; a single responsible for the continuity’s benefit, the service’s speed, the punctuality of the work’s delivery and for the considerable economic savings of the customer.

The quotations are totally free, personalized and carefully studied in full details. Nothing is left to chance and the customers are informed of all the costs that they will support.

The customers, that have already had experience of PATTI SANTINO company, confirm that the overall costs are very low and certainly more competitive in the reference market.

The aims about that it is founded the work philosophy of PATTI SANTINO company are certainly the satisfaction and safety of customers, the quality and choose of materials, the final certification of the works, and finally a scrupulous prompt intervention service.

Moreover, the company makes use of external expert collaborators in each sector, of a cutting edge study of design, of a pluriannual experience and of suppliers in step with the latest technological innovations present in the market

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