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Electrical breakdowns repairs

TV Antennas and satellite dishes installation

Remaking of electrical equipment

Fire-fighting equipment

The RCD (residual-current device)

Gates automation

Home automation

Photovoltaic system

Networking Equipment

Burglar alarms systems

Air conditioning

Emergency response

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Correct installation of photovoltaic system

Very often, they are seen installed photovoltaic panels on the roofs of the buildings, on the roofs of houses, or ground-mounted with shelters, oriented so that to optimize better their performance.

Photovoltaic outdoor lighting

Thanks to technological progress achieved in the last times, the photovoltaic panels provide excellent performances with a reduced price; moreover, they are easily inserted in the buildings and in the outdoor structures.

Diversification in heating

When the spaces inside the house are very small such that it cannot allow the installation of classic radiators, wood stoves or heathers, it is possible to solve this problem with the installation of heating systems in the floor or wall, invisible and not cumbersome, ensuring in the same time efficiency and home-comfort.

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